HTC emoji used on the manufacturer's devices.

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Angry FaceAnguished FaceAnxious Face with SweatAstonished FaceBeaming Face with Smiling EyesConfounded FaceConfused FaceCrying FaceDisappointed FaceDizzy FaceDowncast Face with SweatExpressionless FaceFace Blowing a KissFace Savoring FoodFace Screaming in FearFace with Medical MaskFace with Open MouthFace with Steam From NoseFace with Tears of JoyFace with TongueFace Without MouthFearful FaceFlushed FaceFrowning FaceFrowning Face with Open MouthGrimacing FaceGrinning FaceGrinning Face with Big EyesGrinning Face with Smiling EyesGrinning Face with SweatGrinning Squinting FaceHushed FaceKissing FaceKissing Face with Closed EyesKissing Face with Smiling EyesLoudly Crying FaceNeutral FacePensive FacePersevering FacePouting FaceRelieved FaceSad but Relieved FaceSleeping FaceSleepy FaceSmiling FaceSmiling Face with HaloSmiling Face with Heart-EyesSmiling Face with HornsSmiling Face with Smiling EyesSmiling Face with SunglassesSmirking FaceSquinting Face with TongueTired FaceUnamused FaceWeary FaceWinking FaceWinking Face with TongueWorried FaceFace with Head-BandageFace with Rolling EyesFace with ThermometerHugging FaceMoney-Mouth FaceNerd FaceSlightly Frowning FaceSlightly Smiling FaceThinking FaceUpside-Down FaceZipper-Mouth FaceClown FaceCowboy Hat FaceDrooling FaceLying FaceNauseated FaceRolling on the Floor LaughingSneezing Face