Emoji with a predominance of yellow.

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Aerial TramwayAngry FaceAnguished FaceAstonished FaceBabyBaby ChickBackhand Index Pointing DownBackhand Index Pointing LeftBackhand Index Pointing RightBackhand Index Pointing UpBananaBeaming Face with Smiling EyesBellBell with SlashBlossomBouquetBoyBright ButtonBusCat FaceCat with Tears of JoyCat with Wry SmileChildren CrossingClapping HandsConfetti BallConfounded FaceConfused FaceConstructionConstruction WorkerCrescent MoonCrownCrying CatCrying FaceDim ButtonDisappointed FaceDizzyDizzy FaceDowncast Face with SweatEarEar of CornExpressionless FaceFace Blowing a KissFace Savoring FoodFace with Medical MaskFace with Open MouthFace with Steam From NoseFace with Tears of JoyFace with TongueFace Without MouthFirst Quarter MoonFirst Quarter Moon FaceFleur-de-lisFlexed BicepsFlushed FaceFolded HandsFront-Facing Baby ChickFrowning FaceFrowning Face with Open MouthFull MoonFull Moon FaceGirlGlowing StarGrimacing FaceGrinning CatGrinning Cat with Smiling EyesGrinning FaceGrinning Face with Big EyesGrinning Face with Smiling EyesGrinning Face with SweatGrinning Squinting FaceHatching ChickHigh VoltageHoney PotHoneybeeHushed FaceIndex Pointing UpKeyKimonoKissing CatKissing FaceKissing Face with Closed EyesKissing Face with Smiling EyesLast Quarter MoonLast Quarter Moon FaceLedgerLemonLeopardLight BulbLoudly Crying FaceManMegaphoneMemoMoney BagMountain RailwayNail PolishNeutral FaceNoseOK HandOld ManOld WomanOncoming FistOncoming TaxiOpen HandsPart Alternation MarkParty PopperPencilPensive FacePeople with Bunny EarsPersevering FacePerson Bouncing BallPerson BowingPerson FrowningPerson Gesturing NoPerson Gesturing OKPerson Getting HaircutPerson Getting MassagePerson PoutingPerson Raising HandPerson Tipping HandPerson With SkullcapPerson: Blond HairPillPineapplePizzaPostal HornPouting CatPrincessRaised FistRaised HandRaising HandsRelieved FaceRoller CoasterSad but Relieved FaceSanta ClausSaxophoneSkisSleeping FaceSleepy FaceSmiling Cat with Heart-EyesSmiling FaceSmiling Face with HaloSmiling Face with Heart-EyesSmiling Face with Smiling EyesSmiling Face with SunglassesSmirking FaceSparklesSquinting Face with TongueStarSunSunflowerSuspension RailwayTaxiThumbs DownThumbs UpTicketTiger FaceTired FaceTractorTrident EmblemTrophyTropical FishTrumpetUmbrella on GroundUnamused FaceVictory HandWaning Gibbous MoonWarningWaving HandWaxing Gibbous MoonWeary CatWeary FaceWinking FaceWinking Face with TongueWomanWorried FaceWriting HandYellow HeartBellhop BellBuilding ConstructionCheese WedgeFace with Head-BandageFace with Rolling EyesFace with ThermometerFramed PictureHand with Fingers SplayedHugging FaceMiddle FingerMoney-Mouth FaceNerd FaceReminder RibbonRosetteSign of the HornsSlightly Frowning FaceSlightly Smiling FaceSports MedalSun Behind Small CloudThinking FaceUpside-Down FaceVulcan SaluteZipper-Mouth Face1st Place MedalCall Me HandClinking GlassesCowboy Hat FaceCrossed FingersDrooling FaceHandshakeLeft-Facing FistLying FaceMotor ScooterPeople WrestlingPrinceRaised Back of HandRight-Facing FistRolling on the Floor LaughingSneezing FaceChildExploding HeadFace with Hand Over MouthFace with MonocleFace with Raised EyebrowGiraffeLove-You GestureOlder PersonPalms Up TogetherPersonPerson in Lotus PositionPerson: BeardSandwichShushing FaceStar-StruckZany FaceBaldBroomCurly HairFootLegPleading FaceSmiling Face with HeartsSpongeWoozy FaceAuto RickshawButterDeaf PersonEar with Hearing AidGuide DogPinching HandWaffleYawning FaceYellow CircleYellow Square