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Meaning emoji «Rosette»

The rosette emoji depicts a stylized flower or rosette, typically with five or six petals, arranged symmetrically around a central point. It is commonly used in digital communication to represent beauty, appreciation, or achievement.

The rosette is a decorative motif that has been used in art and architecture for centuries. In ancient Greece, rosettes were used to decorate pottery and architecture, and in the Roman Empire, they were used as symbols of victory and honor. During the Middle Ages, rosettes were used in Christian art as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Today, the rosette is often used as an award or recognition symbol. In the United States, for example, rosettes are commonly used in horse shows, where they are awarded to the top performers in various competitions. The rosette is also used in other contexts, such as academic competitions or spelling bees, where it is used to indicate achievement and recognition.

In digital communication, the rosette emoji is often used to represent beauty or appreciation. It can be used to compliment someone on their appearance, such as "You look beautiful today 🏵", or to express appreciation for something someone has done, such as "Thanks for all your hard work on this project 🏵".

The rosette emoji can also be used in the context of competitions or contests. For example, if someone wins a competition, they may receive a rosette, and the emoji can be used to represent this achievement, such as "Congratulations on winning first place 🏵".

Overall, the rosette emoji is a versatile and expressive symbol that can be used to convey a wide range of emotions and messages. Whether used to represent beauty, appreciation, achievement, or recognition, the rosette is a timeless symbol of excellence and success.

The symbol is included in the following sets: Yellow, Animals and nature.

Code emoji «Rosette»

Coding Symbol
Decimal code 🏵
Hexadecimal code 🏵
Escape code %F0%9F%8F%B5
UTF-8 (hexadecimal) 0xF0 0x9F 0x8F 0xB5 (f09f8fb5)
UTF-8 (binary) 11110000:10011111:10001111:10110101
UTF-16/UTF-16BE (hexadecimal) 0xD83C 0xDFF5 (d83cdff5)
UTF-16LE (hexadecimal) 0x3CD8 0xF5DF (3cd8f5df)
UTF-32/UTF-32BE (hexadecimal) 0x0001F3F5 (0001f3f5)
UTF-32LE (hexadecimal) 0xF5F30100 (f5f30100)
Escape code (octal) 360237217265
JavaScript and JSON u1F3F5
C, C++ and Java u1F3F5
Python u1F3F5
Perl x{1F3F5}
Ruby u{1F3F5}

Basic emoji parameters

🏵 Full name Rosette
🏵 Standart version Unicode 7.0
🏵 Support on devices 88%
🏵 Emoji category Animals and nature

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