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Cityscape at Dusk

Cityscape at Dusk


Meaning emoji «Cityscape at Dusk»

The Cityscape at Dusk emoji depicts a city skyline in the evening or night with orange and blue tones, indicating that the sun has set and the sky is transitioning to night. This emoji can be interpreted in several ways, depending on the context and the user's perspective. In this article, we will explore the different meanings and uses of the Cityscape at Dusk emoji.

To begin with, the Cityscape at Dusk emoji is commonly used to represent cities and urban places. It can be used to show one's love for a particular city or to indicate that they are in a city environment. This emoji can also be used to convey a sense of sophistication, modernity, or excitement that comes with living in or visiting a city. It is a popular choice for travel-related posts or messages, as it conveys the idea of exploring new places and experiencing new cultures.

Moreover, the Cityscape at Dusk emoji also represents the time of day when the sun has set, and the sky is transitioning from day to night. The orange and blue tones in the emoji reflect the colors of the sky during dusk, when the sun is just below the horizon. This emoji is often used to indicate the time of day when someone is out and about, enjoying the evening or night-time activities, or simply to show that it is getting late.

In addition to its urban connotations, the Cityscape at Dusk emoji also reflects a natural setting. The colors of the sky in the emoji suggest a sunset or sunrise, which can evoke feelings of peace, tranquility, or wonder. It is not uncommon for this emoji to be used in posts or messages related to nature or outdoor activities, as it can convey a sense of harmony between the man-made and natural environments.

The tone of the Cityscape at Dusk emoji can vary depending on the context in which it is used. It can be used to convey excitement, as in "I can't wait to explore this city tonight!" or to convey a sense of melancholy or nostalgia, as in "I miss walking through the city at dusk." This emoji can also be used to convey a sense of romance or intimacy, as in "Let's watch the city lights together at dusk."

Lastly, the Cityscape at Dusk emoji has a specific code associated with it, which allows it to be easily replicated and used across different platforms and devices. The code for the Cityscape at Dusk emoji is U+1F306, which is a Unicode value that represents the emoji in computer systems. The code allows the emoji to be easily copied and pasted into different contexts, such as social media posts, text messages, or emails.

In conclusion, the Cityscape at Dusk emoji is a versatile and popular emoji that can be used to convey a range of meanings related to cities, time of day, nature, tone, and code. Whether used in travel-related posts, nature scenes, or intimate moments, the Cityscape at Dusk emoji can evoke a sense of excitement, nostalgia, or peace. Its universal code makes it easy to use across different platforms and devices, ensuring that its popularity will continue to grow in the future.

The symbol is included in the following sets: Autumn, Orange, Travel and places, Supported all devices.

Code emoji «Cityscape at Dusk»

Coding Symbol
Decimal code 🌆
Hexadecimal code 🌆
Escape code %F0%9F%8C%86
UTF-8 (hexadecimal) 0xF0 0x9F 0x8C 0x86 (f09f8c86)
UTF-8 (binary) 11110000:10011111:10001100:10000110
UTF-16/UTF-16BE (hexadecimal) 0xD83C 0xDF06 (d83cdf06)
UTF-16LE (hexadecimal) 0x3CD8 0x06DF (3cd806df)
UTF-32/UTF-32BE (hexadecimal) 0x0001F306 (0001f306)
UTF-32LE (hexadecimal) 0x06F30100 (06f30100)
Escape code (octal) 360237214206
JavaScript and JSON u1F306
C, C++ and Java u1F306
Python u1F306
Perl x{1F306}
Ruby u{1F306}
CSS 1F306

Basic emoji parameters

🌆 Full name Cityscape at Dusk
🌆 Standart version Unicode 6.0
🌆 Support on devices 100%
🌆 Emoji category Travel and places

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