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Meaning emoji «Ferry»

The ferry emoji ⛴, is a commonly used image to depict a mode of transportation on water. This emoji, also known as the "Ferry Boat" emoji, shows a large ship with a motor, used for transporting passengers and cargo across bodies of water.

The Unicode Consortium introduced the Ferry Boat emoji as part of the Unicode 6.0 update in 2010. Since then, it has been included in all major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. This means that users can easily copy and paste this emoji from their device's keyboard, or access it through a dedicated emoji menu.

The Ferry Boat emoji has a few variations across different platforms. For example, some versions may show the ship with different colors, flags, or designs. However, the core meaning of the emoji remains the same: a vessel used for travel on water.

Ferries have been an important mode of transport for centuries. These boats are typically larger than other watercraft, such as rowboats or canoes, and are designed to transport a large number of passengers and vehicles. Ferries can travel short distances, such as between two neighboring islands, or longer distances, such as between countries or even continents.

A ferry can be either a boat or a ship, depending on its size and capabilities. Boats are generally smaller and simpler than ships, whereas ships are larger and more complex. Ferries can be powered by various methods, such as diesel engines, electric motors, or even wind power. This means that the motor of a ferry can vary greatly depending on its design and purpose.

The code for the Ferry Boat emoji is U+1F6F3. This code is used by computers and software to display the image of the emoji on different platforms. For example, if you type U+1F6F3 into a text editor and save it as a file, you will see the Ferry Boat emoji when you open the file on a device that supports the Unicode standard.

Ferries are an important mode of transport for many people around the world. They are often used to commute between work and home, or to travel to different destinations for leisure. Ferries can also be used to transport cargo, such as food, goods, or vehicles. In some cases, ferries may be the only way to access certain areas, such as remote islands or coastal communities.

In conclusion, the Ferry Boat emoji ⛴ is a useful image for communicating the concept of travel on water. Whether you're using it to talk about your vacation plans or to describe a commute to work, this emoji is a great way to express yourself in a fun and creative way. With its motor and ability to transport passengers and cargo, the ferry is an important mode of transport that connects people and places around the world.

The symbol is included in the following sets: Blue, Travel and places, Supported all devices.

Code emoji «Ferry»

Coding Symbol
Decimal code ⛴
Hexadecimal code ⛴
Escape code %E2%9B%B4
UTF-8 (hexadecimal) 0xE2 0x9B 0xB4 (e29bb4)
UTF-8 (binary) 11269668:32:40
UTF-16/UTF-16BE (hexadecimal) 0x26F4 (26f4)
UTF-16LE (hexadecimal) 0xF426 (f426)
UTF-32/UTF-32BE (hexadecimal) 0x000026F4 (000026f4)
UTF-32LE (hexadecimal) 0xF4260000 (f4260000)
Escape code (octal) 342233264
JavaScript and JSON u26F4
C, C++ and Java u26F4
Python u26F4
Perl x{26F4}
Ruby u{26F4}
CSS 026F4

Basic emoji parameters

Full name Ferry
Standart version Unicode 5.2
Support on devices 100%
Emoji category Travel and places

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